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SunFields Europe – Solar Panels and Inverters Supplier

SolarWorld, Panasonic (Sanyo HIT) and SHARP solar panel official distributors in all of Europe. Solar power energy professionals since 2007.

Watch our video and discover why
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SunFields Europe – Solar Panels and Inverters Supplier

SolarWorld, Panasonic (Sanyo HIT) and SHARP solar panel official distributors in all of Europe. Solar power energy professionals since 2007.

Watch our video and discover why.

Placas solares Panasonic
Placas solares SHARP
Inversores SMA

High efficiency solar panels and solar inverters

SunFields was born in 2007 with a very clear idea: to help our clients to be part of the energy transition that lives the world in a way that is different from the rest. This is why we differentiate ourselves, by working with quality products, different and committed to this change of global model.

If you are looking for a place to buy high efficiency solar panels, photovoltaic inverters, or any other high quality photovoltaic equipment for your solar energy project that differentiates you from the rest, then we can help you. For us, the opinion of our clients, their experiences with our company and their suggestions, are fundamental and an essential part to make us improve.

We share your vision of a better future, which is already changing and that must be built with a solid base of quality and committed to the final customer.

Our commitment is to provide a close and personal service, and give you the necessary arguments to help your company can be differentiated from the rest, why if you care about your customers, the low-cost is not the solution. Only a a future will be bright if it is constructed with quality .

That is our DNA -> Quality, Service, Future, Persons

Testimonials from our clients

[Translated] More than recommendable. Fany super attentive and the product …. nothing to do with what is usually found by.

Google Reviews

Excellent quality products and very nice customer sales service.

Samuel Noel

[Translated] Raúl took care of us very well and he solved all the doubts that we had. Highly recommended


“I am very pleased to be working with Sunfields. The service is friendly, straightforward and very helpful.”

Armin M.

[Translated] Very professional people, they work with the best quality and they are very honest. They explain everything easily and simply, I will definitely contact them again.

Encar Rui
Google Reviews

We chosen SunFields as our supplier 2 years ago, and always excellent service these 2 years.



Maria Stakis

[Translated] We finally got SunPower panels thanks to this company. It seemed impossible in Spain.


[Translated] Speed and maximum quality. Very good in general


[Translated] Thank you very much for your kindness and for solving all my doubts!

Roger Solá
Google Reviews

SunFields is one of our most reliable partners, offering always best prices to our customers, keeping always the delivery times. Working together with SunFields people it’s really a privilege.

Dimitris A.

[Translated] It’s nice to work with professionals like that.

Helena Schmidt
Google Reviews

[Translated] Very serious and very professional people. I appreciate all the help you have given me so that my installation works perfectly. They give an added value.

Agueda Sanchez

[Translated] Very professional, analyzing the best options.

Chus Barrio Fernandez

[Translated] Good experience, we will repeat.


[Translated] After many bad experiences with suppliers, finally we found professionals


[Translated] Good service and very good technical support


[Translated] Very good. Recommendable. Fast, serious and very good quality.


Our Solar Panels for Sale

Buying pv panels for a photovoltaic installation should not be overlooked. The consequences of the use of low-cost solar panels are innumerable and end up causing serious problems to the owners of this type of projects.

It is for this reason that in SunFields, for years, we have worked tirelessly to achieve, after 10 years, to offer our customers the highest performance, highest efficiency and quality solar photovoltaic panels that exist in the pv market.

We have, for all the professionals who work with us, always stock of these three manufacturers of photovoltaic solar panels to help you make the difference with your competitors, with quality and giving added value and peace of mind to your customers.

Do you need us to help you defend your proposal with quality products against another low-cost, we know how to help you, we have over 15 years helping professionals like you, concerned about providing a high quality service.

Placas fotovoltaicas SolarWorld, distribuidores oficiales

SolarWorld Solar Panel

We are SolarWorld pv panels official distributor. 100% Made in Germany. Stock always available in our warehouse with monocrystalline solar Sunmodule Plus series. 20 years product warranty and 25 years performance. Recognized and awarded as the highest quality pv panels and the best performance of PV market certified by the PV + test made by TÜV and by SunReport.

Paneles solares Panasonic Sanyo

Panasonic HIT Solar Panels

We are Panasonic solar panels official distributors  with permanent stock available in our warehouse. The Panasonic solar modules distributed by our company use the exclusive technology “Sanyo HIT”, unique in the world. This technology has the best performance and higher efficiency photovoltaic panels of the pv market, and also with a product guarantee of 25 years.

SHARP photovoltaic panels

SHARP Photovoltaic Panel

Our company is SHARP solar panels official supplier. More than 50 years manufacturing solar modules. Awarded as Top Brand PV in 2015. Guarantee 10 years of product and 25 years of linear performance. Fifth place in the PV + Test 2.0 made by TÜV and one of the brands with better solar module performance, according to the study made by SunReport. Always stock available in our warehouse, mostly with polycrystalline pv solar panels series.

Our Solar Panel Inverter

In keeping with our philosophy that a change in energy model cannot take place without the use of top quality materials, we work with probably the best solar inverter that exist today. A solar power inverter is one of the most important parts of a photovoltaic system, and for this reason we work with the best solar inverter manufacturer for photovoltaic installations, german SMA solar inverters.

We defend, and so we apply, that we must not forget that a solar inverter (grid tie inverter, string inverter…) is an electronic equipment that must operate daily, for 15-20 years, so the quality of that electronics is basic so that it is not a focus of problems.

Solar inverter

We are SMA solar inverter supplier. Globally recognized as the best manufacturer of the highest quality photovoltaic inverters. Manufactured entirely in Germany and with a 5-year product warranty as standard, extendable. Specially designed for stand-alone photovoltaic systems, grid tied and perfect for solar powered energy home.

You must think that when you, as a professional, carry out a photovoltaic solar energy project, you always have to put yourself in the place of your client and give him what you would like for yourself. For this reason we work with SMA solar inverters, to ensure a good performance and tranquility to end user.

Experience and Professionals since 2007

Our activity begins in 2007 and is focused mainly on the distribution and sale of solar panels and equipment for solar pv systems. Some of our most prestigious brands, such as SolarWorld, Panasonic and SHARP, as well as Riello-Aros and SMA solar inverters, show our company’s commitment with best solar panels and high-quality materials and performance. Otherwise, our technical department, composed by engineers, have more than 15 years experience in pv systems design and support. Do you need solar panel price with the highest quality? , We can help you.

Do you need solar panel price for your pv system or our technical support?
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