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We are pv systems supplier since 2007 – Working in Europe and all over the World

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SunFields Europe
SFE Solar Logistic SL – VAT:
Address: C/Lope Gómez de Marzoa S/N – 15705 – Santiago de Compostela
Phone: +34 981 59 58 56

Inscrita en el Registro Mercantil de Santiago de Compostela, Hoja SC-44961 – Tomo 91 – Libro 0 – Folio 59

Who We Are?

SunFields Europe is a provider of photovoltaic projects. Our company works with the supply and distribution of material for pv solar systems, composed of highly qualified staff with extensive experience in the solar energy sector, with more than 15 years of experience accumulated in the photovoltaic sector.

We are official distributors of some of the most prestigious brands in the photovoltaic sector, such as: SolarWorld, Panasonic SanyoSHARPRielloSMA, etc.

Our Activity

Our supply and distribution activity is mainly located in Spain and Portugal, but we also supply photovoltaic projects in other parts of Europe and the rest of the world.

As a supplier of photovoltaic equipment since 2007, we have covered the supply of solar projects in almost all continents, which has given us extensive experience in evaluating the quality of the products we work, as well as import and export procedures. Export of photovoltaic material.

What to expect from us?

We have stock and own technical service composed of personnel with more than 15 years of experience in the calculation and dimensioning of off-grid systems, self-consumption and on-grid pv plants. If you are looking for a supplier of quality photovoltaic material, then SunFields will meet your expectations. If, on the other hand, quality is secondary to you, SunFields is probably not the answer to your needs.

Quality Philosophy

SFE Solar Logistic, S.L., with registered trademark SunFields Europe, is a company dedicated to the supply of photovoltaic equipment and committed with the quality of its products and services for the satisfaction of its customers. The Management of SFE Solar Logistic SL focuses on the Quality System as a way to organize the operation of the company based on basic pillars such as the Quality of its products, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the System.

For this, the Quality Management System of SFE Solar Logistic SL is based on:

  • Quality and its improvement are the responsibility of all members of the company starting from above.
  • Quality is obtained by planning, executing, reviewing and improving the Management System to prevent possible errors.
  • Quality is oriented towards the satisfaction of all our customers through the commitment of the entire organization to meet their needs and requirements, as well as legal and regulatory requirements and the products themselves.
  • Quality is based on the Continuous Improvement of both the services provided and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in which preventing errors is a fundamental aspect.
  • Quality directs us to pay the utmost attention to the technological evolution and to the possible improvements that the new technologies put at our disposition.
  • Quality requires the participation and collaboration of all so this policy is disseminated to all the staff of the company for their knowledge and understanding.
  • For the effective application of these principles, both the template and the management are always in constant communication.

If you are looking for a reliable photovoltaic supplier, serious and concerned about the quality and satisfaction of your customers, SFE Solar Logistic SL is the answer to your needs.

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