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SHARP solar panels special details

#1 – 2011 PV+Test by TÜV – Very Good Quality:

“This test is the best possible because TUV make the test directly from solar panels bought anonymously in normal retail outlets and then put them through many months of tests at TÜV Rheinland’s solar laboratory in Cologne. Until now, all the quality tests was made with panels sent direclty by the manufacturers, so it is easy to understand that manufacturers always sent the best pieces that never are the same that we can find in the end client market. This test is real, with real panels, at the real market, so, testing the real quality of the panels that you finally buy.”

SHARP solar got a final 91 points from 100 possible, and is in the 5th position as higher quality solar modules in pv market.

If you are thinking about a new pv project, we suggest you to take always in mind that the high quality of the products installed is one of the most important things you must take in account. You must remember that all the solar panels of any pv system will be outside, under rain, snow, storms, sunlight…. more than 25 years, so a low quality product will send to trash all the performance and the investment of your system, and for sure pv-systems are not a cheap investment.

#2 – SHARP photovoltaic – More references:

SHARP solar has been working on solar energy for industrial and residential use since 1959.

The sense of responsibility for the environment makes Sharp Solar a global driving force in the research and development of photovoltaic solar energy.

At the same time, Sharp Solar strives to become a “zero impact on global warming” business – saving on greenhouse gas emissions at all of the company’s production plants worldwide.

  • Sharp solar modules are installed on more than 130 satellites, more than 1,200 headlights, road traffic and industrial applications, etc. They are excellent solar panels for houses, factories, industries ….
  • The wide range of applications demonstrates the fact that Sharp pv panels can be integrated in many different environments.
  • The Sharp Polycrystalline series of solar panels and Sharp Monocrystalline solar panels are designed for applications with high power requirements.
  • These solar modules manufactured by SHARP have a high performance and reliability, contrasted even in very demanding environmental conditions.
  • All Sharp solar modules offer optimum integration of the system – both technically and economically – and are suitable for installation in network
  • connection, self-consumption or 24V stand-alone systems.
  • Sharp solar panels are manufactured in Europe and Japan under the highest quality standards.
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