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High efficiency, monocrystalline and superior performance – 100% Germany solar panel

What is the PERC technology of the SolarWorld Sunmodule Plus SW290 Mono module?

In summary, the solar cells with the new PERC technology, such as the SolarWorld SW290 Mono, have a sheet on the back of the cell that provides it a greater sunlight capture, and a larger collecting electrons, so that more electricity is generated and, consequently, more power.

In addition to this, some of the characteristics that makes PERC technology improvement over the standard one are:

  • It has better performance in low-light environments than standard poly and mono panels.
  • They improve performance in the early morning and late afternoon, in addition to cloudy environments.
  • They generate less heat than traditional cells, so they are better in latitudes with high temperatures.

It can be seen in the image of a simulation made with PVsyst, as the behavior of the solar panels Mono PERC, like SW290, have better performance (around 1-2%) than traditional pv panel:

Comparativa rendimiento paneles SolarWorld SW290 Mono PERC con tradicionales

7 Reasons to buy solar panel SolarWorld SW290 Mono

#1 – Some advantages that make SolarWorld a premium solar panel:

  • Corners reinforced with ASA. Type of plastic used in automotive technology and with great physical and UV rays resistance . It decisively facilitates the drainage of water and dirt from the panel.
  • New 33mm aluminum frame for lightness. The SolarWorld frame does not consist of a single sheet of aluminum, but of a flattened aluminum tube. This is the reason why its resistance is very superior to mostly of other manufacturers.
  • Greater separation between the cells and the panel frame. It reduces the losses caused by the accumulation of dirt, without affecting the dimensions of the panel.

In addition to that, let us remember that the pv panel 290W SolarWorld Mono is composed of PERC cells, a new technology, which have the following advantages over standard solar cells:

  • They have better performance in low-light environments than standard poly and mono panels.
  • They have better performance than used in standard panels in the early morning and late afternoon, as well as in cloudy environments.
  • They generate less heat than traditional cells, so they improve performance in latitudes with high temperatures.

This new technology far surpasses the standard one and for that reason to choose the solar module SolarWorld SW290 Mono is to make a smart purchase and with vision of future.

#2 -UV Aging test:

The IEC standard test for UV aging requires 15kWh / m2. However, if we check the solar energy radiation data in Central Europe is 50kWh / m2 / year. That means, the IEC standard only contemplates a total of 4 months of maximum radiation for the entire life of the panel, and this is not enough.

It is known that UV radiation affects the life of plastics and derivatives, such as EVA or Tedlar. For this reason SolarWorld makes its panels to withstand the average radiation in central Europe, but for 25 years.

Test envejecimiento para de la placa SW290

In other words, the IEC standard requires only 15kWh / m2, but the SolarWorld panels support: 25 years x 50kWh / m2 / year = 1,300kWh / m2

In addition, for desert energy solar projects SolarWorld makes modules that support up to 3,000kWh / M2. There is no other solar module on the market with these characteristics.

#3 -SolarWorld panel Test for Temperature Cycles:

The IEC standard requires 200 cycles of temperature variations from -40 ° C to 85 ° C. This is the standard that most manufacturers of pv modules meet, however, SolarWorld applies more strict criteria to its solar panels: SolarWorld tests its modules for 600 cycles.

Test SolarWorld para ciclos de variación de temperatura en placas fotovoltaicas SolarWorld SW 290 Mono

And for extreme climates, they are tested to withstand a cycle of variation every day for 25 years: 25 years x 365 days = 9,125 day / night cycles

This is another reason why a SolarWorld solar panel is the best solution for your solar energy system .

#4 – Impact test resistance:

IEC standard, for hail resistance, requires an impact from 4 meters, with a steel ball of 25mm and 7,53gr. This is what other manufacturers apply to their panels, but SolarWorld panels are tested with 25mm and 500g ball.

Besides SolarWorld pv panels are tested to withstand impact 45KG bag with pendulous height 1.22m.

#5 – Wind and snow load test:

IEC standard says that a solar panel must bears a snow load pressure of 2.400N / m2 and 5,400 N / m2 wind pressure.

Test para carga mecánica de la placa solar SW290 Mono

#6 – Performance comparison:

The SunReport monitoring portal published in 2016 a test made on solar energy pv projects in operation in Italy from 2010. The bases of the test were:

  • Sample of more than 12,000 pv systems already running since 2010.
  • Analysis of production samples since 2010.
  • Official data of the Italian Electricity Network Agency (GSE)
  • Official radiation data obtained from the Eumesat (European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites)

The idea of ​​this study has been to verify, in projects in operation, which solar panels are the ones that have the best performance in the market. In this study,  more than 12,000 pv projects have been included in operation, where the best solar panel brands have been:

(1st place) Sanyo, (2nd) SolarWorld, (3rd) Kyocera, TrinaSolar, REC, SunPower, Schott, SHARP, etc.

Many other “reputed” manufacturers such as Luxor, Axitec, Yingli Solar, Jinko …. Did not appear in the publication, because their performance was much lower than the average.

As can be seen in the picture, SolarWord solar panels, such as the SolarWorld SW 290 Mono model, are the best performing on the market, only surpassed by  Panasonic Sanyo brand (HIT technology).

Test SunReport Rendimiento Paneles Solares SolarWorld SW 290 Mono

It is therefore a further proof of the superiority of SolarWorld panel over to other brands in the solar market and the benefits it entails in terms of performance, profitability … the use of this brand in solar energy systems. If you look, and take for example TrinaSolar as a sample, we see that SolarWorld has up to 5% more performance, and this every year during the life of the photovoltaic project. If you make numbers, the difference in profitability is enormous.

#7 – PID Free pv panel:

Let’s see a graphic based on the tests made by the germany laboratory Fraunhofer. This graph shows a comparative analysis of several prestigious brands subjected to the PID test.

Indeed, the result of the study made by the Fraunhofer laboratory leaves no doubt. Of all the brands tested, only the SHARP,  SolarWorld, LG, Kyocera and Schott modules continued to perform close to 100% after the test.

resultados test pid fabricantes

The rest of manufacturers included on that test, such as LUXOR, Q-Cells, REC, Trinasolar, Yingli etc, had significantly reduced their performance. Some, in fact, as you can see in the graph, did not reach even 25% of their original performance. This, logically, for a solar energy system, is catastrophic.

It is true that the PID effect, depending also on environmental conditions, may never appear and is also a long-term effect, 5-7-9 years. But undoubtedly, in countries like South of Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy…), Latin American countries, etc., the weather conditions are favorable to the appearance of the effect.

So we must control a lot then the quality of the solar panel selected for each project.

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