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Basic electrical specifications on solar pv inverters:

Before facing the design of a solar pv installation, we must take into account that in the market we can find, fundamentally, two types of solar inverters. We are talking about photovoltaic inverters for off-grid installations (ie with batteries) and inverters for on-grid or self consumption.

This last type of inverters, the one for self consumption and on-grid systems, is to which we make reference in this section of our web. The fundamental electrical specifications of any of the photovoltaic solar inverters on the market are:

  • Nominal Voltage .- It is the voltage that must be applied to the input terminals of the inverter.
  • Nominal Power .- It is the power that can be supplied by the inverter continuously.
  • Overload capacity .- This refers to the capacity of the inverter to supply a power considerably higher than the nominal power, as well as the time that can maintain this situation.
  • Waveform .- At the output terminals of the inverter there is an alternating signal characterized mainly by its waveform and the values ​​of the effective voltage and frequency thereof.
  • Efficiency (or yield) .- It is the ratio, expressed as a percentage, between the powers present at the output and at the input of the inverter.

What are the minimum requirements for solar string inverters?

One of the minimum and fundamental requirements for every investor is that, knowing that the flow of electric energy normally always goes in the direction of charges, when a power outage occurs, the inverter has to stop and stop injecting To the power grid.

Solar string inverter connection sample

The basic requirements for solar inverters for self consumption and on-grid pv systems are, among others:

  • The photovoltaic installation should be considered as part of a component of the electrical network.
  • The inverter must meet the required specifications of the electrical network.
  • The safety of operators must always be taken into account (there may be unknown active parts).
  • Photovoltaic installations should not deliver power to a power line without protections.
  • Disconnection of the inverter must be automatic as soon as a fault appears.
  • There must be an easy disconnect point (border switch) that is accessible to employees of the power company at any time.
  • The inverters must operate with a power factor equal to one.
  • Electrical isolation between the photovoltaic system and the grid must be carried out.
  • If the output signal of the inverter exceeds the predefined conditions for operation (over / under voltage, over / underfrequency) the inverter must be automatically disconnected from the grid.
  • The new connection will be enabled after a certain time (3 minutes normally), time that the control system and network protection waits to try a new connection.

If you need a solar inverters price for on-grid or self-consumption, or technical support, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you and send you our proposal.

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