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Panasonic HIT solar panels – The Higher Performance

Caso real Mínima degradación de las placas Panasonic HIT

Panasonic solar panels, thanks to the technology of the Sanyo HIT cells, have a unique characteristic in the world: its degradation with the passage of the years is almost impercetptible.

In practice, the standard panels have an annual degradation of about 0.7%, that is, each year the panel loses around 0.7% of real power.

However, on Panasonic Sanyo boards, thanks to HIT technology, this degradation (even if included in the warranty) is almost nil.

As seen in the picture, it is a photovoltaic installation in operation since 1993, located in Japan, that is, it has been in operation for 24 years.

The energy generation readings showed on the graphic leave no doubt: Production in kWh / year does not suffer almost losses due to degradation and shows a uniform pattern over time only altered by periods of higher and lower radiation.

Panels Panasonic Sanyo – History:

Panasonic solar panels are the top benchmark in terms of performance in the global solar pv market. The unique technology used in its panels, the famous HIT technology, gives all Panasonic panels greater production, durability and performance than any other solar panels brand on the market. There is no similar technology in the solar market, as we mentioned, it is exclusive to Sanyo in the past, and Panasonic today.

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